Toro 6CM Tow-Behind Mixer

$50 Per Day,

​$150 Blades

Toro 36 Power Trowel

Toro Concrete Vibe

Fresno Float

Stihl TS420 Demo Saw ONLY, Blade Extra

Stihl TS800 Demo Saw ONLY,  Blade Extra

$85 Per Day

$45 Per Day

Shibuya Core R2231

$55 Per Day

$50 Per Day

$10 Per Day

Bosch 35lb Demo Hammer

$30 Per Day

Hilti Electric Demo Hammer TE3000 AVS

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​*Pictures may not be exact Make/Model.**Prices subject to change.

$2 Per .001 of Wear

$70 Per Day

Husq 20" Walk-Behind Demo Saw

$70 Per Day

Chicago Pneumatic CP1290 90 Demo Hammer 

$50 Per Day

$55 Per Day


$80 Per Day

Wheelman 2.5 CM

Wheelbarrow Mixer

Husqvarna K3000 Wet Handheld 14" Demo Saw

$200 Per Day/$300 Deposit

$4 Per .001 of wear

$75 Per Day

$75 Per Day

Husq Core Bore Drill w/ Vacuum

$45 Per Day

$42 Per Day

Chicago Pneumatic  30lb Demo Hammer

Edco 9in Concrete Grinder

DeWalt SDS Plus Drill

Toro Ulta Track Mudd Buggy, Swivel 180 deg 

$50 Per Day

$250 Per Day/ $300 Deposit

$70 Per Day

$65 Per Day

  Our Rental Catalog

Toro Mortar Mixer

Gator Glide 48in Bull Float

Virginia Abrasives 14in Blade

Virginia Abrasives 18in Blade

$70 Per Day

DeWalt SDS MAX Drill

$23 Per Day

$100 Per Day

Toro Track Mudd Buggy 

Chicago Pneumatic CP1260 60lb Demo Hammer

$50 Per Day

Hilti Electric Demo Hammer TE2000 AVR

Husqvarna K3000 Cut-N-Break